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Airport & Aviation Law

Each airport has missions and goals that are different from the other, and there is no doubt that the private sector increases the efficiency of operation and profits, which is now achieved in the aviation sector in the Kingdom. The Saudi airports today face increasing pressure to address air service, congestion, security, competition, and financial challenges. Airports must also address competing needs to generate revenue while keeping their rates and charges competitive, to be sensitive neighbors, and to contribute to the economic development of their communities.  These demands are challenging for any enterprise, but in a highly regulated government-operated industry, the burden on airports can seem overwhelming.

Solving the problems presented by the operation and development of airports often implicates a panoply of legal issues, including compliance with GACA obligations; land use, noise, and environmental concerns; collateral commercial development; public finance; national security; and day-to-day legal issues connected with operating what are essentially large businesses serving as public utilities.  We provide a wide range of creative legal services to address these problems in their larger context.

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