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Handbooks & Policies

We believe that Employers need proactive, skilled advice on the myriad of issues that arise daily in the workplace, from attendance and performance management, discipline, employee complaints, leaves and accommodations, paid time off and wage and hour issues, to the most complex and sensitive situations, including those involving the highest tiers of management. Businesses need counsel who will help them stay ahead of legal changes in the marketplace and address workplace realities and business needs. They need counsel that will ensure that existing policies and procedures are legally compliant and work to reduce litigation, and, when litigation occurs, aid in the defense of a lawsuit.

MLSD approved  the participation of Saudi firms specialized in the field of law (offices - companies) for those who meet the requirements in reviewing and ratifying the work organization regulations other than the standard form for private sector establishments before they are approved by the Ministry. We works with a wide range of clients with varying needs. We help employers of all sizes and varying footprints to ensure that they have policies and procedures in place that reflect their culture, business priorities, and that are compliant with existing rules and regulations to avoid the risks of litigation and related workplace challenges.


We assist clients with multi-state operations in a variety of industries, including national retailers, oil and gas companies, healthcare institutions, manufacturing and consumer goods, and consulting companies.

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