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Employment Agreements

The hiring considerations most important to your company will depend on the nature of your business. The creation of hiring requirements for many positions requires knowledge of Saudi Labor law and how they have been interpreted by courts. For instance, probation period clause or non-competition clause. Often blanket probation period clause or non-competition clause can leave a company vulnerable.


Working with an experienced employment lawyer to create guidelines for your hiring staff and ensure that they have a ready source of legal information when issues arise can protect your business from liability and help keep your operations running efficiently.


DLF advise clients on all phases of the employment lifecycle – from recruitment to termination. We assist clients in all aspects of the hiring process, including the preparation of offer letters, employment agreements, arbitration agreements, and confidentiality agreements. 


DLF also counsels clients after employees have been hired, from devising customized performance evaluation forms, to implementing performance improvement plans, to advising clients on appropriate employee discipline. And we are also highly experienced in guiding clients through the termination of the employment relationship, whether the separation is voluntary, due to misconduct, poor performance, layoff, or retirement.

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