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Fee Arrangements 

DLF enters into a variety of fee arrangements with its clients. These often bespoke agreements range from fully contingent, fixed, or hourly arrangements to hybrids that combine contingent, fixed, or hourly components. Our flexibility allows us and our clients to better align our incentives and interests while balancing predictability and flexibility.

Contingency fee and success bonus arrangements

On the plaintiff side, contingent fee arrangements stop the endless stream of bills, penalize busy-work, and drive results by rewarding lawyers for effectively and efficiently resolving our clients’ disputes. On the defense side, we can achieve a similar alignment of incentives with reverse contingency and success-based bonus arrangements.

Fixed fee arrangements

Built with budgets in mind, fixed fees provide predictability and accountability. After exploring and understanding the particulars of our client’s needs and the case at issue, we tailor a fair, fixed fee arrangement that accounts for the ebb and flow of litigation. Fixed fees protect our clients from the uncertainty and monitoring burden of hourly billing.

Hybrid fee arrangements
Flexibility is the hallmark of hybrid fees. These structures combine a fixed or hourly fee at a reduced rate with a partial contingent or success-bonus component to best suit the needs of the case. Hybrid arrangements reduce the out-of-pocket expense of a fixed or hourly representation while aligning interests in achieving favorable results.

Hourly fee arrangements

Some clients prefer hourly fee arrangements. When they do, they benefit from having lawyers who have honed their skills in an environment where results and efficiency truly matter.

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