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At DLF, litigation is an integral part of our practice that serves as an important strategic tool for clients to achieve their objectives. We understands that every dispute is important to its clients. We understand that business and commercial disputes can place tremendous demands on your organization’s financial and human resources, diverting time and focus away from your business’s core purpose. Legal disputes may even damage your organization’s reputation and business relationships. For these reasons, our goal is to resolve your disputes in a timely, cost-effective, and positive manner, as the circumstances of your specific dispute permit.

We have extensive experience in business and real estate litigation. We work collaboratively to draw upon the experience and perspective of our transactional team. Business and real estate disputes often arise out of contractual relationships, and by putting ourselves in the contract drafter’s position, we can better discern the intent behind disputed contract provisions and thus drive solutions that protect our clients’ immediate and long-term interests.

We work alongside our clients through every stage of a dispute, from fact-finding and risk evaluation through final resolution and enforcement, at trial and appellate levels, in court, at the negotiating table, and before tribunals and government agencies. We collaborate, we strategize, and we optimize. 

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