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Termination Counseling

Employee management, particularly hiring and termination, can be one of the most challenging elements of running a business. It is also an area in which many businesses are inadequately prepared. As a result, problems arise ranging from wasted time and recreation of efforts to staffing gaps that hinder operations and even lawsuits. On other hand, employee terminations is perhaps the area most fraught with potential legal conflicts. Occasionally employees move on simply because they have received a better offer or are relocating with family, but, typically, when an employee is separated from the company, one or both parties is dissatisfied. This can give rise to a host of issues, including wrongful termination claims.

We assist clients in all aspects of the hiring process, including the preparation of offer letters, employment agreements, arbitration agreements, and confidentiality agreements. DLF also counsels clients after employees have been hired, from devising customized performance evaluation forms, to implementing performance improvement plans, to advising clients on appropriate employee discipline. And we are also highly experienced in guiding clients through the termination of the employment relationship, whether the separation is voluntary, due to misconduct, poor performance, layoff, or retirement.

Based on our experience, many employees turn to the labor court with baseless accusations and this lawsuit can disadvantage your business in many ways, including:


  • Distracting key personnel from their core functions.

  • Costing money for legal fees, even if you win.

  • Possible damage to your reputation.

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